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Related article: Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 09:15:20 -0000
From: DGG
Subject: Family Photographer 2 (adult/youth, incest)By the time the boys visited me again I had sorted their project photos into
order. I had matched one left image and one right image of each brother in
each frame, each left and right photo was married together in a singly
frame, in all effectively constructing a whole person. Obviously I did not
include photos of their 'private parts'. It worked well and it would indeed
be a challenge for anyone to tell which half belonged to which brother.The boys arrived and were delighted with the results, but they really wanted
to see the private sets again. They liked those too and by the way they
were rubbing their crotches it was obvious that they were aroused by them.
It aroused me also. I said "hey guys, lets get naked". In a flash they
were out of their clothes and we cuddled and kissed on the sofa for a while.
I asked them what they had been up to in the last week and Steven giggled.
Mark spoke "Remember what you said about Dad, well we did it". "What
exactly did you do ?" I asked.Mark continued "Well we went into the bathroom for our shower one morning
and were playing with each lolita pic post bbs other's willies, we were really stiff. We heard
Dad coming but didn't stop, in fact we moved out of the way of chubby lolita girls pictures
the shower
screen so he would see more and we pretended not to notice him. He came in
and was naked and his willy was not fully stiff. He saw us and just stood
there. In the mirror I saw his willy get bigger and it got really stiff.
He coughed and we looked at him. He said "having fun?". We both giggled and
said we were. All he said was "Well don't let your mother catch you". He
stood at the toilet to pee but couldn't, he said "its no good" so I said
that he ought to squirt his stuff out first. He looked shocked and said "I
can't do that in front of you". I said that he could and that we wanted to
see it come out. We were still playing with each other. He shook his head
but I asked him again. He stared at us playing with each other and was
gripping his willy tight. He slowly turned to us and said "I think its
going to explode" He looked even more shocked when I said that he should
come over to the bath and shoot it over us. He shook his head again and
pointed his willy to the toilet. It squirted out about five shots of goo
and then he peed and left the room."I was very turned on by the tale and so were the boys, they were wiping the
pre-come off of my cock and taking it to their mouths, in turn. I said,
"well it sounds like your Dad liked what he saw, what will you do next?",
Mark said "I think that we'll make sure that he catches one of us sucking
the other". "That should do it, then he'll realised that you guys really
know what you are doing" I replied.I then said "what should we do today?". Mark said "we want to learn how to
fuck, we've been looking on the internet and found some really sexy videos
of guys doing it to each other, we want to try it, have you ever done it?".I said "yes I've done it lots and I love playing both parts, but I'd really
like to be in the middle of a sandwich between you two so that I could
experience both sides at once, but as much as I'd like that, we must take
things slowly. You remember me licking and fingering your arses, well
that's a good way to start, because you need to be relaxed, so one of you
get on your hands and knees on the couch and the other move in behind to
start on him and I'll do the other one."These boys knew what they wanted, Steven was on his hands and knees straight
away. His brother moved in behind him and buried his face in his arse. I
moved in behind Mark and parted his cheeks. His beautiful hairless hole
presented itself to me I stoked it with my fingers before moving in with my
mouth. I kissed him there and started lapping at his ring, he groaned. I
wiggled my tongue in the centre and began applying pressure, I could feel it
twitch and flex. My tongue entered him partially as he relaxed and then I
brought in my fingers. Using my forefinger at first I probed his depths, he
accepted it surprisingly easily. As I massaged his tunnel I introduced a
second very youmger xxx lolita
finger and worked on loosening him up all the time licking around the
opening. He was groaning with pleasure. I eventually introduced a third
finger. As he became accustomed to that I said "How are you doing Mark?"
He replied "I've been copying what you have been doing and I've got three
fingers in as well". I said "How are you Steven?", "Great, I love it", he
said.I picked up some lube and squeezed some into my hand, I passed it to Mark
and said "use this to lubricate your cock and Steven's arse". He did and I
said, "OK, now bring your cock head to Steven's hole and begin to push,
gently though, you don't want to hurt him".As Mark aligned his cock and moved closer, he pushed and I watched him
slowly enter his brother, I reminded him to go slowly and when he got all
the way in I said, "Ok, now wait". I aligned my cock to Mark's pucker and
pushed gently, the head of my cock went in quite easily, Mark took a sharp
intake of breath. I paused for a minute and then began to push again,
gradually I entered him until I was as deep as I could go. I paused for a
minute and said, "How are you feeling boys?", Steven said "Mark's cock feels
Great inside my bum", Mark followed saying "it feels like I've got a tree
trunk up mine - but I love it". I said, "OK Mark, you now we need to start
moving in and out of Steven slowly. Steven and I need to stay still and let
you do the moving."Mark began to move and as he slid in and out of his brother, my cock was
slipping back and forth inside his chute. His arse was tight and gripped my
cock firmly, it was the best feeling ever. Mark groaned and said "Oh my God,
this is so fantastic", I said "start to speed up when you're ready." He
began to move faster and Steven was groaning loudly we managed to stay in
time with each other and really began fucking. Soon I was on the brink of
coming and tring to hold back when suddenly with a big thrust Mark lunged
into his brother, I nearly slipped out but managed not to. As Mark came
into his brother his arse contracted on my cock in spasms and with an equal
thrust I pushed deep into him and began to unload my spunk.As our orgasms subsided we stayed locked together, I didn't ever want to
leave Mark's arse. I suggested that we try to stay 'together' and roll onto
our sides, we did and it worked. We stayed in our sandwich revelling in our
sensations. I reached over to Steve and lolita cp hot preteen
stroked him, I asked him if he had
come yet and he said that he hadn't. I asked him how he would like to and
to my delight he said "I want to come in you Jonathan", I replied, "That
will be as much a pleasure for me, why don't you come round here and give it
a go, I'd like to keep my dick inside Mark while you do it". He separated
himself from his brother's cock and stood up, as he did I brought him to me
and took his beautiful young meat into my mouth. I sucked him hard for a
while and then said "lube me up preenteen russian lolita models and go for it Steven, you don't need to be
gentle with me"Steven picked up the lube and squirted some into his hand, he rubbed it into
my arse and moved in behind me. I felt his cock touch my ring and he began
to push. My arse welcomed him as he slid in. It felt good, as he reached
the hilt I asked him if he liked it, he said "This feels brilliant", I said
"Well start sliding in and out and it will feel even better". He did and he
got into a good rhythm, I loved it and by the noises he was making he was
loving it too. It didn't take him long to reach his climax and I felt him
spurt his spunk into my arse. I told him to stay inside me as long as
possible. My cock was softening and I knew that it would soon slip out of
Mark, but I wanted to enjoy these feelings for as long as I could.
Eventually my cock slipped out and I felt Steven's slide out of me. We all
kissed and the boys said how much they had enjoyed the experience.I suggested that we all went upstairs for a shower. We were soon all
playing around in the shower and I was helping the boys to wash out their
arses, their cocks barely subsided and even mine had found a new lease of
life and was quite chubbed up. Intermittently one sucked another and as I
started to suck Mark, he said, "Don't, it tickles too much, I need to pee."
I said, "Let it go baby, I love pee, you can do it all over me." Steven
giggled and I said to him "you too, come on boys don't be shy let me feel
your piss bathe me". Mark started to pee, slowly at first, and it felt
exquisite as it ran down my chest and into my groin. His pressure began to
build and it became quite a powerful jet, he was squirting it mainly on my
cock. I said "I want to taste it too Mark", he lifted his cock and his jet
to my open mouth. It was wonderful. Just then I felt another stream start
and that too joined my mouth. I couldn't believe my luck, these two
beautiful, virtually hairless identical brothers willing to share their piss
with me.I reached round them and pulled them in closer. Their flows lolita russian free gallery had reduced lolita models 12 16yo to
a trickle as I brought their cocks into my mouth. I savoured the remainder
of their juice and sucked them lovingly for a while. I stood and kissed
their lips, my tongue sharing their taste with them. As we kissed and
without saying anything I began to pee. I reached down and pointed it at
their groins. They giggled. Our mouths parted and they looked down, I
played my stream over them and they seemed to like it. It started to slow
and I said "do you guys want a taste before its all gone", and without
further invitation the dropped to their knees and Mark brought my cock in
line with their open mouths catching the last few spurts. They kissed with
my cock in the middle, sharing my nectar.Realising that time had marched on we hurriedly finished our shower and
dressed. The boys left with their project and promised to return soon. ls magazine lolitas photos
said I do hope that your dad will allow you to keep visiting. Mark said,
"I'm sure he will".A week or so later as I was closing the shop, the boys' father came in. He
was very friendly and thanked me for all of my help with the project. He
said that he thought the concept was very original and I attributed it preenteen russian lolita models all
to his sons. I offered him a drink which he accepted ls magazine lolitas photos and I closed the shop.
He came through to the studio and we sat with our drinks. He said, "the
boys are so happy with the work they have done and I think it is just great
too, thank you so much for helping them." I said "They are an absolute
delight and I am glad to have had the opportunity", he went on to say "If
they are to follow their dreams and aim to become professionals, they will
need guidance. Would you be prepared to be their mentor, they are very fond
of you." I responded "it would be my pleasure and they can use the studio
as much as they like, I have grown very fond of them too." He thanked me
and said that I was very generous.Then he then got a bit more serious and said "they told me that they left
out of the project the photos of their private areas and knowing what saucy
creatures they are I just knew some of those would have to have been taken.
I'd like to see them." My mind went into a bit of a spin trying to think of
a set, which didn't go too far. I went to my computer and found a folder,
hoping that it would not include me. The boys' father stood over me as I
opened it. It started with pictures of buttocks, then the back of balls and
cocks, then the front with flaccid cocks, then cocks beginning to stiffen,
then erect cocks. chubby lolita girls pictures My own cock was stiff despite my nervousness. I
hesitated and he said "Carry on Jonathan I won't be shocked after what I've
seen this week". I clicked on as the boys rubbed each others cocks and
masturbated each other to orgasm, squirting over each other, then to my
dread the next picture was of my cock with the boys' hands on it. I
hesitated again and their dad said "keep going", I glanced lolita panty gallery 1 sideways and saw
that he had a big bulge in his trousers. I reached down and grasped my own
protrusion. The pictures revealed the boys giving lolita pic post bbs
my cock a two mouth
work-out and blow job until I came.I didn't know what to say, their dad then said "I had a pretty good idea
what was going on, the boys have always been very sexual from a very young
age. Even when they were five or six they wanted to play with my cock in
the bath and I have to say I willingly let them. It did arouse me but I
managed not to let them see me get a full erection. As they got older I
began to like it too much and they were noticing my arousal and that was
spurring them on, so I stopped it by not bathing with them any more. In my
heart I knew what they were interested in and where it might lead and I
guess was frightened of becoming the object of that desire, and then, thank
God, they discovered you. Jonathan, I'm so glad it was you."I started to go through more folders revealing every possible combination.
My cock was streaming pre-come in my underwear. I openly stroked it and
boldly said, "I'm really horny and am going to have to get naked." He said
nothing, I stood and dropped my clothes to the floor, he watched intently.
I was naked and fully aroused, I stroked my cock. I reached out and stroked
the bulge in his jeans. I began to undo the buttons and was not prevented.
As the last one popped his cock sprang out. It was a beauty, just like his
sons', only bigger. I grasped it and his eyes rolled. I dropped to my
knees and engulfed it in my mouth. His hand was on my head as I sucked him
vigorously, he groaned. I felt his cock stiffen and his whole body wracked
as he spurted into my mouth. Licking off the last few drops I stood and
said "your turn". He hesitated, but got to his knees, I brought his head
to my groin and he opened his mouth. He did a fair job for a beginner and
it wasn't long before I announced that I was coming, he tried to pull back
but I wouldn't let him. I spurted my jism into his mouth and held him there
until I was calm. He stood and looked totally surprised when I kissed him
on his mouth. I took his hand and led him to the couch, removing his
clothes as we went.I laid him down and took him in my arms. He sighed. I said lolita models 12 16yo nothing and
just held him close to me; he seemed to welcome that. After a while he said
"Thank you Jonathan, I can see why my boys lolita sex young girl love you so much. You know, I
have been so scared of this all my life and for me what seemed worse was
that the boys appeared to have inherited the desire from me. I found myself
fantasising about all sorts of things, including them. They are very sexy
and are doing their utmost to seduce me into joining in with them and it
scares me that I actually crave that. I want to experience their intimacy.
To tell you the truth, I'm envious of what you have shared with them."He looked pensive and said "Things have gone too far already. This week I
caught Steven giving Mark a blow job in the bathroom, they have been
deliberately letting me catch them doing sexy things for weeks now, they
certainly seem to know what they like."After a few moments I said "Surely you realise that the boys desperately
want to have sex with you. preenteen russian lolita models
You cannot avoid it forever. You know that they
will not rest until they've had you. Why make them feel sad and rejected.
You know they want it and you know you want it. So let it happen, but its
too risky to let anything develop at home, so why don't you come here with
them and we can all have some fun together."After some further thought he said, "OK, I agree with you, if things go on
this way I'll get drawn into something at home which I'll regret and I must
not let that happen. Let's set something up so that we can come to you".
I kissed him and said "those kids are so lucky to have a dad like you". He
replied, "And we're so lucky to have a friend like you, if this had happened
without you, which it probably would, it would have torn me apart". He
kissed me and we hugged for a while. We then set about devising our
plan.....To be continued....?
**********I hope you enjoyed part two of this tale, my other stories can be located in
the Authors section on Nifty, under "DGG".Thank You to those who for take the trouble to give me feed-back on my
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